Player’s Lounge Product Highlight: Evo Salty Dog

If you’ve been in the salon before, or seen any of our posts on social media, you know that we’re all big fans of Evo products here at the Player’s Lounge. Especially Salty Dog.

Evo products are luxurious and salon quality, but they don’t just sell dreams of good hair in a spray bottle – they deliver on it. All Evo products are environmentally friendly, they don’t go over the top, keeping their ingredients list simple and natural – which is a big thing for us, being an eco-salon.

Salty Dog is one of our salon favourites – a salt spray is a hair styling essential and Salty Dog delivers touchable texture, body and a natural finish. Something many of our clients are looking for.


So how do you use it?

There are many ways to use this product depending on hair length, desired look, and how much time and effort you feel like putting into your hair on any given day.

You can spray straight into your hair or into your hands, our hot styling tip is to rub it into your hands and then into damp hair – from root to tip. Then use your hairdryer (we’d use a diffuser too, but not everyone has one at home so it’s not essential when using Salty Dog at home). Lift your hair with your hands while drying. This decreases the drying time, while adding texture and lift.

In short:

For volume, spray Salty Dog on your roots and then blow-dry.

For messy texture you just want to spray and scrunch on dry hair.

You can also use Salty Dog to enhance your natural waves or curls – spray it into damp hair and just use your fingers to curl sections of your hair to create definition – you can then shake and go, or use your hairdryer while curling with your fingers.

So there you have it: Salty Dog, a hair saviour! We stock it in store, so why not pick some up next time you’re in store and give it a go at home.