What happens when you come in for your Nioxin Consultation?

So what happens when you come in for your Nioxin consultation and what is a Nioscope?

The first thing that happens is your stylist will have a chat about your scalp health, the timeline and history of your hair loss, any health concerns that may be connected to hair loss and just general issues you are experiencing.

The next step is to have a close up look at your scalp. We use a microscope attached to a camera to zoom in really close so we can see the hair follicles and the scalp in fine detail. We are looking for build ups of sebum and debris that may be blocking follicles. We are looking for signs of follicles becoming blocked and signs of weaker hairs trying to push through and grow.

The next step is to show you the images and discuss what we find on the photos and come up with a treatment plan.

We would always recommend that we start with an in salon micro dermabrasion to really clear the scalp and remove dead skin cells and sebum so it’s ready for the nioxin at home package.

Your stylist will prescribe the right Nioxin package kit for your hair type and teach you how to take care of your scalp at home.

You will then be invited back for a follow up where we will take more photos and you can see the amazing difference this really does make to your scalp.


To take that step towards thicker, fuller hair, call the salon or take a look at then various packages we have online.


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