The Importance of Pampering – A Man’s Guide

At the players lounge, we understand the importance of taking some time for yourself – and what better a way to do so than with a little pampering? It’s not just for women. Living in the hustle and bustle of a city, hurrying to work 9-5, five days out of seven means that we can often forget to focus on ourselves and our wellbeing.

Spa treatments have an astounding number of benefits – you can see an improvement in the health of your skin and muscles, increased circulation and the removal of toxins. Not to mention the stress relief a massage can induce, you may even find that the night after an Indian Head Massage you have the best night’s sleep of your life.

We get that walking into a spa can be a little daunting as a man – it’s long been viewed as a female activity. But when your local barber shop offers up spa treatments, what’s stopping you from dropping in for a manicure or facial on your lunch break?!

A little pampering is an ideal way to recharge yourself to make you a better you.

Our facial Services are carried out at the back of a salon where it’s more private, in our comfortable barber chairs & there’s something for everyone. The Player’s Lounge offers a welcoming environment for all men, with Edinburgh’s experts in men’s hair & health.

We have designed our Urban Cleanse Facial so that it is completely tailored to men, and there’s even an option to combine your facial with a hot shave for the ultimate feel good package. Don’t have much time but need to de-stress? Come in and enjoy an Express Facial to refresh and revitalise your skin in 30 minutes.

On top of these services, you can also get a manicure in store – an often forgotten part of your grooming routine but a very important one. Not a day goes by that you aren’t using your hands – from greeting people with a firm handshake to lifting weights at the gym – keeping them healthy not only benefits how they look and feel but will also protect you from dry skin, nail infections and calluses.

It pays to invest in yourself, sure you can sit down with a cold beer or hit the gym, but why not give pampering a go? It’ll make you feel like a new man – we promise.