Lynn, with her 11 years at The Players Lounge, has flourished into a Senior Stylist whose empathy and warmth make her a pillar of trust and comfort for her clients. Her journey into hairdressing began unexpectedly at the age of 15 with a part-time job at a local salon. Initially unsure about her path, Lynn quickly found her calling amidst the lively atmosphere of the salon, the diversity of clients, and the camaraderie of the team. Her career, now spanning 36 years, is a testament to the love and dedication she holds for her craft.

Lynn’s ability to listen and genuinely connect with her clients sets her apart. She is not just a stylist but a trained holistic therapist and a confidant and friend to many who visit The Players Lounge, offering a safe space for them to open up and share their stories. This unique bond Lynn forms with her clients is built on trust and kindness, allowing her to not only enhance their outward appearance but also touch their lives more deeply.

Outside of the salon, Lynn is passionate about maintaining her fitness, an enthusiasm that adds to her dynamic personality and dedication to wellbeing. As a valued team member, her positivity, fun nature, and commitment to personal and professional growth contribute significantly to the salon’s warm and inclusive environment.

Lynn’s presence at the salon on Wednesdays and Saturdays is a highlight for many, as she continues to inspire confidence and joy in both her clients and colleagues.