Jen’s role as Artistic Director at The Players Lounge is a testament to her evolution within the world of hairdressing and her passion for creativity. Growing up in Italy, amidst a family steeped in hospitality, Jen’s early fascination with hairdressing was seen as a mere hobby. Despite the expectations set upon her, she found herself at odds with a future in catering, leading her to pursue her true calling. Her determination saw her mastering the craft of hairdressing, a journey that eventually took her from the shores of Italy to the bustling streets of London with Toni and Guy.

Jen’s career in hairdressing has been nothing short of a global adventure, providing her with the opportunity to cross paths with remarkable individuals and cultures. It’s this exposure that has honed her skills not just as a stylist but as an artist. Now, as the Artistic Director, Jen is the driving force behind the salon’s training programs and photoshoots, showcasing the creative visions that set The Players Lounge apart. Her love for the artistry of hair cutting and styling is paralleled by her commitment to innovation and education within the salon.

Beyond her professional life, Jen embodies a lifestyle that complements her creative spirit. A devoted yoga practitioner, she finds balance and inspiration through her commitment to holistic living. This dedication to wellness extends to her being a vegan, reflecting her compassionate and mindful approach to life. Jen’s chilled vibe is a breath of fresh air within the dynamic atmosphere of The Players Lounge, often serving as the calm in the creative storm. Her holistic lifestyle not only enriches her personal well-being but also influences her artistic direction, infusing her work with a sense of harmony and mindfulness that is both rare and invigorating.

Jen’s work schedule mirrors her dedication to her craft and her team, being present from Wednesday to Saturday, ensuring that each day is an opportunity to inspire, create, and transform.