Position: STYLIST

Graeme, our esteemed stylist at The Players Lounge, brings a sense of stability and calm to the bustling salon environment. His journey into hairdressing is as unique as his creative spirit, which has been expressed through various outlets like music, art, and dance. Initially, Graeme’s foray into styling began in with his love of punk rock, where he experimented with cutting and dyeing friends’ hair. It wasn’t until he was 30, during a visit to a barber, that he became fascinated with the skill and precision of professional hair cutting.

Motivated by the birth of his daughter and the encouragement of his fiance, Graeme decided to pursue his interest in hairdressing professionally. After training at the Sid Sottung Academy, he joined The Players Lounge, where he has since become a foundational member of our team. Graeme is not just about providing excellent haircuts; he values the personal connections made with clients, cherishing the stories shared and the common ground discovered during appointments. He aims to ensure that every client leaves not only with a great haircut but also with a memorable and enjoyable experience.

As a devoted father, Graeme’s dedication extends beyond the salon, embodying the balance between professional passion and family life. His steady presence is appreciated by both clients and colleagues, making him a valued team member.

Graeme is available to his clients on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, ready to offer not just a haircut, but a moment of calm and connection in their busy lives.