Chloe, our exceptional receptionist and the vibrant front of house presence at The Players Lounge, is the organisational heartbeat of our salon. Hailing from Aberdeen, her journey took her from studying in her hometown to diving into the fashion industry in London at 18. Her adventurous spirit was evident from her first days in the city, marking her transition with a bold change in hairstyle that showcased her expressive nature. Chloe’s love for personal expression through fashion and hair has remained a constant, guiding her path to Edinburgh in 2009 and eventually leading her to our doors.

At The Players Lounge, Chloe has found her niche, combining her passion for connecting with people with her remarkable organisational skills. She ensures that every client’s visit is not just an appointment but a relaxing and enjoyable experience. With over 25 years in customer-facing roles, Chloe believes there’s something truly special about the atmosphere at The Players Lounge. It’s a place where the buzz of activity never translates to stress, thanks to the friendly and welcoming environment she helps cultivate.

Beyond her role in managing the salon’s day-to-day operations, Chloe has become the linchpin of our social scene, masterfully organizing team activities that enhance our bond and make The Players Lounge not just a workplace, but a community. Her energy, dedication, and flair for coordination make her an indispensable part of our team, ensuring that every day is as smooth as it is enjoyable.