Chelsea has enjoyed a fulfilling 20-year career in hairdressing, starting at the young age of 15. Her journey in the industry has been fuelled by a deep passion for creativity and personal expression. With a natural talent for hairdressing, Chelsea quickly picked up the trade and honed her skills. She loves the artistic side of hairdressing, transorming hair into a canvas of style and individuality.

Chelsea has a particular love for cutting short hair, which led her to develop a deep appreciation for barbering. For her, barbering is where precision and creativity intersect beautifully. She also enjoys the ever-changing nature of the hairdressing industry, which offers endless opportunities for learning and growth. The joy she finds in seeing a satisfied client with a fresh, stylish cut never fades, making every day in this industry both rewarding and inspiring.

Beyond hairdressing, Chelsea loves practicing yoga and all things wellness. Her calming influence and genuine care for her clients make every visit a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

Chelsea is available to her clients Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, bringing her expertise, passion and creativity to all.