Carla’s journey into the world of hairdressing began with a fascination for transformation. From the tender age of 15, she was the adventurous type, constantly experimenting with her hair, embracing different colours, styles, and even daring to try the occasional perm. Her inspiration came from the TV show “The Salon,” which confirmed her aspiration to be part of the dynamic hair industry. While she briefly explored a day job at the airport, it quickly became clear that her true passion lay in hairdressing, leading her to embark on her professional journey.

Carla’s career took off when she joined a renowned Edinburgh salon, a foundational experience that honed her skills and deepened her love for the craft. Seven years ago, she brought her talents to The Players Lounge, where she discovered a strong connection with a creative and welcoming team. Carla thrives on the personal interaction with clients, enjoying the stories they share and the new things she learns from them daily. For her, the salon is more than just a workplace; it’s a place of endless variety and personal connection.

As a manager at The Players Lounge, Carla shines as a beacon of support and leadership. Her transition from an enthusiastic stylist to a guiding force for her team reflects her commitment to fostering a culture of growth and mutual support. Carla uses her journey and experiences to mentor her colleagues, inspiring both respect and affection from her team.

Beyond the salon, Carla has embraced a lifestyle of travel and fitness, finding joy in exploring new destinations and staying active through running.

Carla loves her job and she enjoys the opportunity to empower her clients, helping them look and feel their best. To Carla, there’s nothing more rewarding than the ability to boost someone’s self-confidence and witness their transformation.

Carla is dedicated to her craft and clients, working from Wednesday to Saturday each week, ensuring each day is filled with creativity, inspiration, and the chance to make a difference in someone’s life.