When it comes to choosing a new hair style, guys often don’t give much thought to whether it will suit their face shape or whether this new style will fit into their lifestyle and if they even have the time needed to style it.  They may choose a style that needs a lot of blow drying with products when they are really just a ‘wash and go’ kind of guy.  They may choose a quiff style with height when they already have a long face which would be elongated by this style.  The consequence of this can be that they leave the salon with a style they can never replicate easily at home, or with a style that simply doesn’t suit them.

The first thing to figure out is what is your face shape.  There are seven tpes of mens hair head/face shapes.

  • ROUND face shape is characterized by wide, prominent cheekbones, a high bridge, and soft lines. It’s about equal in length and width.
  • The OVAL face is considered ideal for any hairstyle. It has classic «right» proportions: the face height is 1.5 times bigger than its width, the widths of forehead and cheekbones are the same, and the chin lines are soft.
  • SQUARE faces are angular, sharp, and probably the most masculine different face shapes (male). The lower jaw and the forehead are equally wide.
  • The OBLONG or RECTANGULAR face is the longest shape with a high forehead and prolonged chin.
  • TRIANGLE face highlights the angular features. The jawline is usually wider than cheekbones.
  • DIAMOND or pear face shape features narrow middle and upper parts, with more defined angular cheekbones and chin.
  • HEART face shape is the opposite of the diamond: wide at the forehead but narrow at the jawline.

Once you have an idea of your face shape you can start thinking about styles.  Again your stylist is trained in how to look at your face shape and work out how to enhance it.   There are also many guides on the internet to help guide you with the right style.  You just need to maximise your strengths and conceal areas you are not so happy with to get a really great hair cut that enhances your natural good looks!

If you are looking to change your style or grow out your hair, make sure you do your research first.  Check out different salons/barbers social media for examples of their work and make sure that your stylist does a proper consultation where they discuss how long your prepared to spend on your hair daily and look at your face shape.  The results will be that you are booked in with an expert who will understand your lifestyle and create a style that really suits you.

So if you are thinking about changing styles, book a restyle appointment with one of our expert stylists.  All of our stylists will take the time to do a thorough consultation so you get the style best suited to you.